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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Current writing focus

The World of Sergeant Major
William Kinnick
(Revolutionary War Era)


Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith

This is a nonfiction account of the world in which William Kinnick lived and died (1719-1785). It is based on the documented facts of his family and his life and the recorded colonial and early American world that was the context within which he lived his life and raised his family.

His best known descendant, of course, is Nile Kinnick (1918-1943), winner of the first Heisman Trophy and star football player at the University of Iowa (1936-9) who died too young in a World War II Navy jet plane crash. William Kinnick was his third great grandfather. He was my fifth great grandfather, as well. This is my tribute to him.

I. Early life and family
II. War of Jenkins Ear era
III. The Middle (Lost?) Years
IV. Pre-Rev War Years
V. Rev War Years
VI. Post War Years
VII. Descendant Genealogy

Any comments?

Happy Reading! ;-)

Dr. Bill

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Writing Priorities

This has been priority setting week. On the writing front, I need to shift priorities to see if we can generate some income... down the road, if not right away. Here is how I see it right now:

1. On the fiction front, finish the Homeplace book and get it in circulation. The next one can be in the wings, but not a lot of current high priority.

2. Get back to the William Kinnick book, as a creative nonfiction, using the tie-in to Nile Kinnick as a selling tool. This was supposed to be the "retirement priority." Now it is.

3. The next genealogy book will be the Michael Smith family. It is started; use to fill in and as a change of pace. Not a big money maker, but probably higher, quicker, than the second fiction.

Any comments? We'll work this set of priorities, and see how it goes.

Happy Reading! ;-)

Dr. Bill

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Looking to the Future II

Two latest ideas to work on:

1. Pen Name - have planned to use Bill Leverne for over 20 years, as noted. "Bill" is not really my name, but I do go by it. In recent years, I've become fascinated with "Liam" - not only Liam Neeson, but other uses... it is the last four letters of William, after all. If I drop the first three and last five of my full, formal name, we have "Liam Leverne." Kind of like "Louis L'Amour, right? wrong? What do you think??

2. The Branson/Hollister/Ozark place is still in my thinking, but I'm now thinking of a mystery series set there, using the same ideas expressed earlier, but, bringing in Raynor Crimmons as protagonist - along with some of the better elements of the old Braddock book, and scrap the rest... it is a bit dated. Nancy mentioned liking the helicopter scene. I'm thinking of creating fiction settings on the lake, for example, but use real, public settings, such as the Table Rock Lake State Park, the Table Rock Dam and Visitor's Center, etc. Comments?

Finally, for today, I have finished drafts on the last few chapters of the Homeplace book... now, just need to clean up, do some final editing, and will get PDFs out to family to review and comment.

Happy Reading! ;-)

Dr. Bill