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Monday, March 23, 2009

43 grandchildren of John and Ann

As I noted last week, I want the third book in the Kinnick family series to focus on the North Carolina-Indiana branch of John and Ann. The challenge is that they had 12 children and at least one of them had 12 children... I am currently exploring a focus on the 43 (or so) identified grandchildren, with using 3 generations from there. Three generations works best for these books. Some of these grandchildren do not have large families, some do. It is an interesting challenge.

An additional challenge is how much good information to include from the 1953 book. There are some good, detailed stories. Should they be in the new book? or just the research material and vital stats that I did in the first book. I'm working on including a black and white photo or two in the Schwyhart book... that is another interesting option. Your thoughts and comments on these issues are appreciated.

Happy reading!

Dr. Bill ;-)

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