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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Current writing focus

The World of Sergeant Major
William Kinnick
(Revolutionary War Era)


Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith

This is a nonfiction account of the world in which William Kinnick lived and died (1719-1785). It is based on the documented facts of his family and his life and the recorded colonial and early American world that was the context within which he lived his life and raised his family.

His best known descendant, of course, is Nile Kinnick (1918-1943), winner of the first Heisman Trophy and star football player at the University of Iowa (1936-9) who died too young in a World War II Navy jet plane crash. William Kinnick was his third great grandfather. He was my fifth great grandfather, as well. This is my tribute to him.

I. Early life and family
II. War of Jenkins Ear era
III. The Middle (Lost?) Years
IV. Pre-Rev War Years
V. Rev War Years
VI. Post War Years
VII. Descendant Genealogy

Any comments?

Happy Reading! ;-)

Dr. Bill

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