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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Book Review - The Ninth Daughter

Book Review - The Ninth Daughter

I just finished reading the new "An Abigail Adams Mystery" - The Ninth Daughter by Barbara Hamilton. It is tough reading at first, but grows on you (me, anyway!).

 The author goes into great detail about life in the 1770s in Boston, just prior to the Revolution breaking out. The ships of tea are in the harbor! By the end of the book (Mini Spoiler), the tea is dumped, by the way!

There is a grisly murder of a woman in the home of a good lady friend of Abigail. Were the Sons of Liberty involved? The British Provost Marshall thinks her husband, John Adams, did it... surely his "proof" is bogus! Abigail works with a British officer and his assistant to uncover the truth, as Sons of Liberty meetings are going on, and Abigail has her housewifely and community responsibilities to fulful. Neither the officer nor Abigail trust each other, early on, but grow to build the necessary trust to solve the crime and apprehend those responsible.

The story is filled with great detail of household daily activities, the filthy streets, the bad weather, life on the dock and wharfs, etc., etc. Abigail makes two excruciating trips into the back country, tracing clues and interacting (or trying to avoid interactions) with a small community dominated by a religious zealot.

If you find this kind of historical setting and mystery plot of interest, than you will like this novel. Frankly, it is unlike anything I've read before, and that is a compliment.

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Happy Reading! ;-)

Dr. Bill

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  1. My daughters and I would like these, I'm thinking. Thanks for the review.

  2. This is one of the first reviews I have seen for this book. It sounds intriguing so I'll have to keep it in mind. THanks Dr. Bill :)

  3. Hey, just stopping by as host of the next book reviews blog carnival, to say great review! and thanks for the submission.

  4. I've been wanting to read this! I'm a new follower and I enjoy your blog!

  5. really like this type of book, thanks!