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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Writing Memoirs and Biographies

Writing Memoirs and Biographies

As mentioned yesterday, here, I began reading Lions of the West which actually consists of a series of biographies, beginning with Thomas Jefferson - all tied together by the story of the American westward expansion prior to the Civil War era.

Today I came upon an article: "Five Tips on How to Write Biographies," that tied into my reading too closely not to record my thoughts and the connections. I have read, perhaps, a dozen biographies on Thomas Jefferson, large and small, from various viewpoints. Yet, the first 20 pages or so in 'Lions of the West' on Jefferson were filled with detail, most of which I had not seen any but the most cursory mention of previously. What Morgan, the author had done followed two or three of the "Five Tips" to a tee! What a neat connection; and, it confirmed the validity of the "Five Tips."

I am still working at learning the subtle differences between memoirs and biographies. I am working on drafts of two "biographies" of two specific ancestors - though one may be more of a "family history" rather than a biography. See what I am trying to understand? I also believe I have one or more "memoirs" in me, about pieces of my past, to share. What are they, and how do they fit, and how do I best approach them. I will label this post both Memoir Notes and Biography to help keep track.

Comments are welcomed.  ;-)

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