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Friday, March 30, 2012

What to include in a Memoir?

What to include in a Memoir?

This is a very complex topic, but I just read a good piece that I want to record and store, here, as well as share with you, my readers.

I follow the RSS Feed of Biff and Nan Barnes at "Stories to Tell" Family History and Memoirs. They provide complete services to writers, but their blog is also so useful.

Today's post: "Selecting Life Stories for a Memoir: The Highlights" written by Biff really struck a chord with me, today.

The quote from Helen Keller I found especially useful: “In order, therefore, not to be tedious I shall try to present in a series of sketches only the episodes that seem to me to be most interesting and important.”

I've been doing this, a bit, over on my Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories blog... on occasional Thursdays and Sundays. Stop by, if you are interested.

Happy Reading, in the meantime.  ;-)

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