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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Murder by the Homeplace - now on Amazon

Murder by the Homeplace

A Novella in The Homeplace Series

[Now Available on Kindle:
and in Print Edition]

We met Penny Nixon here, earlier, and now she shares a full story with us. I hope you enjoy it!

This novella is set immediately following "Back to the Homeplace" in the same location and 1987. Secondary characters take a leading role in this novella while the major characters from "Back to the Homeplace" play secondary roles.

Back of the book blurb:

A police radio scanner call of '419' - "dead human body" - on a bucolic fall afternoon in the south-central Missouri Ozarks small town of Oak Springs sends a part-time local newspaper reporter, Penny Nixon, on the adventure of her life-time. Warned by her editor to only look for 'human-interest angles' to the story, her actions bring her perilously close to interviewing the knife-wielding perpetrator of a bizarre murder. The victim is a recently disgraced young attorney who only weeks earlier was involved in a domestic violence incident with his 'banker's daughter' bride in this quiet small town.

Comments on 'Murder at the Homeplace' from advance reader Jason Bolger:

"I like how it's a different slant on the town, but still weaves in the characters from the books I enjoyed so much. I like how the reporter interacts with people, and it seems like the dialog gives a pretty good feel for the emotions, or the state of mind the characters are in at the time she talks with them. I also like how there are little "side mysteries" that are hinted at, but not explained.  This gives me a chance to imagine things on my own as a reader, and not have to be told every little thing.

This story was a nice read, I could put it down and come back to it without having to backtrack.  I guess it just stayed fresh in my mind over the few days that I picked it up and put it down. I really liked it, and am excited to check out the final book."

Reviews welcomed!

Happy Reading!
Dr. Bill  ;-)

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