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Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Review: The Happiness Handbook

Book Review: The Happiness Handbook

This book was reviewed as part of a Virtual Author Book book blog tour.

It was a really fun read.

Description of The Happiness Handbook by Jenn Flaa:

Publisher: Bush Street Press (May, 2012)
Category: Self Help, Non-Fiction, Self Discovery, Happiness
Tour Dates: Mid April, 2013
Available in: Print and ebook 158 pages

#1 on Amazon Hot New Releases!

We arrive on this planet naked and without operating instructions. We live our lives and learn from trial and error (lots of errors) what works, what doesn't work, what makes us happy and what pisses us off.

Each new person that comes into our lives gets no user's manual and has to figure us out the hard way.  But what if we changed the rules?  What if we wrote our own user's manual, The Happiness Handbook, about what makes us tick and gave it to the people we love most?

Imagine how that would change our interactions and our lives. People would begin to do what makes us happy and ... we would be happy!  If someone received our Happiness Handbook and chose not to follow it, well then, we could choose not to hang out with them more quickly.
The Happiness Handbook is about empowering the reader to discover their own unique ways of being that lead to unlocking their full potential and becomes their guide for leading the extraordinary life they were born to fulfill.

The Happiness Handbook is written in a warm, friendly and informal tone; as if a girl friend were guiding the reader through their process of self discovery. Peppered with humbling, humorous anecdotes and stories; the reader has a practical, seasoned guide and partner in crime as they work the exercises and use the tools to move from unhappy to happy!

My comments: As a seventy-three year old male curmudgeon happily married for nearly fifty-four years, I might not seem to be part of the target market for this handbook. However, I must share with you that I thoroughly enjoyed the read and highly recommend it to readers of any age and either gender. It is humorous, entertaining, and, in my long experience - it is spot-on in terms of recommendations for finding and maintaining happiness in ones own life.

I especially enjoyed Jenn's new terms of happiness to help each of us achieve happiness for ourselves, and therefore, most likely, for those around us. Some of her exercises may seem silly, but each will certainly work for someone - perhaps where nothing else has. She is also very clear to only pay attention to what applies to each person at particular times. Just be sure to do that. Some of the silly things may be exactly what you need!

You also will want to pass this handbook on to a friend - or more than one! ;-)

Meet the Author, Jenn Flaa:

Serial entrepreneur with deep roots in technology and a passion for music. Jenn merges creativity and tech with fun and energy.

After starting her career as an engineer at NASA and a stint in Silicon Valley as a Quality Assurance Manager, Jenn started her first of four companies.  Vettanna provides high tech resources and communications training on-camera.

Not content to use one side of her brain, Jenn is also the rock vocalist and song writer for the band Urban Fiction, the author of The Happiness Handbook and the Better Boyfriend blog.

Be sure to check out her website, as well:

Happy Reading!

Dr. Bill  ;-)


  1. Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm glad you found The Happiness Handbook "spot on"!

  2. Thanks for the nice review Dr. Bill! I'm guessing you're peeps are wondering what all the silliness is, so here's one of the stories from the book, I'll just paraphrase it:

    There was a time when I was really unhappy and stuck there. I felt like this "unhappy making event" from my past was like a big dragon that I couldn't get over and the dragon needed slaying.

    So ... I went to the toy store and bought a plastic Excaliber. Then in the privacy of my home, alone, drapes drawn I got my Sir Lancelot on and pretended I was 5 slaying my imaginary dragon! By the end I was laughing and sure enough...the dragon was actually vanquished. Know what? I can't even remember what that "unhappy making event" was now!

    Silly, yes....but as you say, sometimes a little whimsy can help get you back on the happiness track.

    Again, thanks so much Dr. Bill for your review and recommending it to your peeps!

  3. Great example, Jenn. Thanks for sharing here! What fun! Be happy! ;-)