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Monday, February 23, 2015

It's Monday, What are You Reading? A Long Bright Future

It's Monday, What are You Reading?
A Long Bright Future
by Laura L. Carstensen, Ph.D.

This post is the ninety-second entry for this meme suggested by Sheila@ One Persons Journey Through A World of Books. [Entries 22-25 in the series were posted at  the Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories]

Time Magazine had a cover story titled: “Will a baby born today live to be 142 years old?”
The lead article was written by Laura Carstensen, of Stanford University, and I liked what I read. This book seemed to be the basis of her thoughts shared in the magazine.
[I don’t get a commission… this link just takes you direct to the listing.]

Book Description from Amazon:

The twentieth century bequeathed us a fabulous gift: thirty more years of life on average. Supersized life spans are going to radically alter society, and present an unprecedented opportunity to change our approach not only to old age but to all of life’s stages. The ramifications are just beginning to dawn on us.... yet in the meantime, we keep thinking about, and planning for, life as it used to be lived.
In A Long Bright Future, longevity and aging expert Laura Carstensen guides us into the new possibilities offered by a longer life. She debunks the myths and misconceptions about aging that stop us from adequately preparing for the future both as individuals and as a society: that growing older is associated with loneliness and unhappiness, and that only the genetically blessed live well and long. She then focuses on other important components of a long life, including finances, health, social relationships, Medicare and Social Security, challenging our preconceived notions of “old age” every step of the way.

Happy Reading!

Dr. Bill  ;-)

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