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Monday, January 2, 2017

It's Monday, What are You Reading? Nation Builder

It's Monday, What are You Reading?
Nation Builder: John Quincy Adams 
and the Grand Strategy of the Republic
by Charles N. Edel

This post is the one-hundred and eighteenth entry for this meme suggested by Sheila@ One Persons Journey Through A World of Books. [Entries 22-25 in the series were posted at  the Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories]

This is the first of three books I received this Christmas, from my Wish List. Thanks, family!!
I love to read about John Quincy Adams… conversed with Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, in Paris, as a youngster… sat in Congress with Abraham Lincoln. Remarkable person… and life!! ;-)

Book Description from Amazon:

America’s rise from revolutionary colonies to a world power is often treated as inevitable. But Charles N. Edel’s provocative biography of John Q. Adams argues that he served as the central architect of a grand strategy whose ideas and policies made him a critical link between the founding generation and the Civil War–era nation of Lincoln.

Happy Reading!

Dr. Bill  ;-)

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